The Story…

Long ago a group of people were escaping persecution,they heard there was a land across a big ocean,a beautiful land of milk and honey.They got in a small boat and cross that big ocean risking their lives,men,women and children.It was winter and it was cold,but they made it and landed on the shores of the land of milk and honey.The natives of the land received them and offered them food and helped them make shelters for the harsh winter.In 50 years,those refugees,began killing and stealing the land from the natives in the name of some abstract god.Soon more refugees came hearing of the bounties of the land of milk and honey.They became wealthy and prosperous,then they devised a proposition to create a government on the land of milk and honey,and they did,and became more wealthy and prosperous.Now as a government they kept expanding and killing more natives and stealing their land.Now they needed a labor force to work the land and take care of their animals,so they brought slaves to the land of milk and honey.They became wealthier and more prosperous and became a big world wide government.But they also became corrupt and began destroying the land of milk and honey,and their power was without limits and their destruction encompassed the world,their greed was without boundaries,until a great earthquake struck the land of milk and honey,and they got on their hands and knees to this abstract god,to no avail,the earth kept shaking until their wealth was gone,so they looked for the remnants of the natives to pray for the earth to stop shaking,but they would not.Their great spirit had told them this would happen,and it had to be fulfilled.

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