The UN.

The United Nations,noble institution?Or a humanistic blood sucker?

The United Nations is a globalist scam,and guess who pays most of the bills?US,yes the tax payers of the United States.Do we Americans need the UN?For what?All the humanitarian disasters that accurrs in places like Africa,the Middle East,Indian sub-continent,Indonesia,Philippines,are caused by their corrupt leaders and the simple fact of indiscriminate breeding,which causes this human tragedy for which the only solution is birth control.Again do we Americans,need the UN?the simple answer is NO,we have too many problems in the United States that have to be addressed now,not tomorrow.Our citizens need health care,JOBS,the fixing of our infrastructure who got a D+ from a group of Engineers,the crime problem in our inner cities,the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism,lowering of taxes for the middle class and lower middle class.America has tried to help and solve many problems around this planet,to no avail,now it’s time to focus on our country the U.S.A.

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