Clean my mouth?
St. Steven

There are lots of ways to say it,”coitus”,”copulation”,”intercourse”.As far as a rational dialogue about what I wrote,sometimes it is difficult for people to understand certain topics of conversation because they are truly“avant garde” in nature and context.In my universe mind world I explore human nature and different cultures(world traveler),the Japanese are very interesting in their approach to sex,it seems cold,unfeeling,mechanical,but in a way very effective.They are very advanced in robotics and very soon will be coming out with male/female sexual robots,very human like with working movable parts,now if they are doing so its obvious there is a HUGE market out there and plenty of money to be made.I would bet the male robots will sell more than the females,women have a much higher sex drive than man.I am a huge fan of “anime” and science fiction and I always thought “Terminator” was way ahead of its time,and I also believe “Ex Machina” show us what the future holds,and “Cherry 2000” was also way ahead of its time.There is no need to insult,in our modern times humans are becoming less and less effective in their function,too many emotional hang ups that is why Sex Tourism is big,Thailand,Philippines,Eastern Peru,why do men and women spend their money on this type of tours,because there is no attachments,and its huge business.Its a “brave new world” out there,and plenty of money to be made.I have developed a male enhancing herbal formula which I discovered from the natives of eastern Peru that increases erection for more than one hour without ejaculation so there is still hope for seniors.Hasta la vista,baby!

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