What Happens Now?
umair haque

This scenario most likely will happen in Europe,as the pendulum swings from the insane policies of Merkel,Hollande and all the far left socialists.Again, when Germans and French get fed up with with this “open border” nonsense bringing the hordes of islamic migrants,the ultra right will take over and then,well we all know what’s going to happen,it will not be pretty.While in The U.S.A. we are different,it is a melting pot,everyone knows this,and as long as you are a law abiding citizen and love this country,things are ok,the problem has been in the last 24 years(clinton,bush,obama),this “open border” policy,as well as the left,socialist agendas,and a globalist perspective has basically ruined the country.Now we have a President that understand how America works and what Americans want.He is not a politician,he is a private citizen who saw a need to step up and say enough is enough and 60 plus millions of Americans are in agreement.America first!