Yet another Trump advisor is clueless on climate change
Joe Romm

You can come up with all kinds of statistics,charts,etc.,etc.But pure science will tell you and the Earth as a living,thinking being goes through cycles.Some in millions of years,others in thousands of years,it’s really irrelevant to this Planet.We humans simply are tiny ants crawling around the surface.Global warming is a repetitive cycle that occurs every thousands of years,some more drastic in millions of years.CO2 emissions come from everywhere,as well as methane emissions.It’s a complex occurrence that simply happens and there is nothing we humans can do about it.This Planet Earth will do what is has to to keep going in its course.I am amazed by the talking heads, all one has to do is watch Discovery and the evidence is there.Climate Change is a natural occurring event.Live with it.We are so afraid of changes,it may disrupt our measly little lives,now who said that,oh it was Jimi Hendrix,bless his soul.

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