Is There Any Way to Ship Items From Amazon To Pakistan?

Muhammad Arfan
May 14 · 5 min read

There were times when it was very difficult for the Pakistani consumers to buy anything outside Pakistan because of unavailability of options. We don’t have any sort of secure international payment options like PayPal and the customs duty is very high when we import something. This was the reason due to which Pakistani consumers have limited options. But thanks to the internet because now we have a lot of platforms which we can use and buy the products of our choice.

Above are some of the major issues due to which Pakistani’s can’t enjoy the products of Amazon in Pakistan directly. But thanks to the internet and several e-commerce websites, now you can do Amazon Pakistan shopping easily. People in Pakistan were not in the mood of online shopping because of a few scams and the quality of the services. But thanks to the internet and new development in the e-commerce industry, a number of online shopping options in Pakistan are available and people in Pakistan are now trusting the online stores and now the trend is changing very fast one most common example is ShoppingDesk one of my favorite. Now you can also do Amazon shopping in Pakistan on these online stores. When you go to their homepage, you will see a large variety of options available from where you can select the product of your choice. No matter what type of product you want, you can easily buy it from their store.

What Kind Of Products Can I Buy From Online Stores?

You will have a large variety of options available such as home accessories, toys, watches, beauty products, and health products Etc just name it and have it. It really is an amazing store which is one of its kind and because of it, you will see content updates in the inventory and you can get all of them at a very reasonable price.

Is The Price Of The Product Worth It?

Yes, of course, the price is very reasonable as this is not a site which is in the market to dig a hole into your pocket. They are here to provide you top of the line services so that you can enjoy the quality products from Amazon.

Can I Get Cash On Delivery Option?

Yes, of course, you can avail this amazing option on a certain amount. If your order is less than the provided limit on their website, you can pay at your doorstep.

Are Their Payment Methods Secure?

All the payments options are secure so that you will have peace of mind. No matter where you are, you can choose the payment method of your choices such as easy paisa, jazz cash, UBL Omni and you can also transfer the money directly into their bank account. All the payment methods are verifiable and provide you the peace of mind.

Can I Custom Order Anything?

This is the best option you can select if you don’t find your required product on their website. If you are looking for some specific product and you don’t find it in the list, all you have to do is fill up this simple custom order form and provide the link of the product. It is best to provide Amazon link of the product so that you can get the exact product at your doorstep. Their team will first contact you and after getting confirmation, they will get your product. Make sure to order the product which i allowed by the Pakistani law so that you don’t face any sort of issues.

Are the Products Legit?

Absolutely yes. All the products are 100% original and directly comes from Amazon so that you will have the best quality.

How much time will it take to deliver my order?

These online stores in Pakistan are providing the fastest delivery time of Amazon products in your selected area. They have the most secured cargo service and this is the reason you will receive the package in the minimum possible time.

Is there any other way besides these online stores?

Yes, you can select other ways as well but they are more than hectic. If you have a US address, you can directly ship it to that specific address. After receiving the order there, you can then ship it to Pakistan. This process is useful but it is full of hurdles and it also takes a lot of time.

Can I track my order?

Of course, you can. All you have to do is call their customer care officer and they will guide you at every step. No matter which city you are living in, you can call them and know the status of your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. But you have to cancel it before the confirmation because if the package is dispatched from the Amazon, then it will get very difficult to cancel it. So, when you want to cancel any order, cancel it within time.

What is the refund policy?

If you receive the wrong item or the product is damaged, you can get your refund. All you have to do is claim it within the time so that you will get your amount fast.

If you consider the best way to get the products from Amazon in Pakistan, online store is really the best option you can choose because of convenience. The prices are affordable and you don’t have to pay a lot. You can also avail certain offers on selected items and it really is the best time to buy these products. We have to admit that in Pakistan, we don’t have that quality. But when you get the products from top stores like Amazon, you will have this peace of mind that you have the best product in the market. You can easily get these products and get your desired results.

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