What I Hate About Dating Women vs What I Hate About Dating Men
Emma Lindsay

I date men and women as well. All the things you mention about men are from survival and a few hundred thousand years of evolution, you aren’t going to change them. I personally am viewed a bit strangely by a couple of my friends, as I like dating older women, older as in mid 50s and up, at 35.

Most men aren’t going to find a fat woman attractive, you can’t change that, no matter how much you try to make it a political statement. You can’t shame people, and force them to be attracted to what they aren’t. They will pretty much tell you to fuck off and ignore anything you say after that.

I’ll date a younger woman, I have no set age, it’s just I generally find older ones more attractive to me. I don’t care about having kids. My childhood was worse than my tour in Iraq, and I was a combat medic in 2004. I have a deep fear of being much worse than my dad, and I’d never subject a family to that.

For what you say about men and the nest, that is pretty true for the most part. Not for a lot of men that have taken the red pill, and realize that society favors women, rather than oppresses them, divorce laws, for example. Also, the men make more than women thing was disproven over 20 years ago, I wish people would stop parroting that nonsense.