How a Career Change and a Dash of Minimalism Rescued My Love of Video Games
Jason Evangelho

I grew up in the 80’s as well, and started gaming at a young age. Strangely enough, I’ve always been a minimalist. Just always hated owning stuff, and even now, almost 40, I can move out of my apartment in about 30 minutes(used to be 5).

I grew up playing consoles as well, but nothing beats a good gaming PC. I build my own, and there’s nothing like gaming at 2560x1440 Ultra resolution with all settings maxed out(at 144 frames per second). I did spend what seems like a lot, but being able to build my own, I can ensure quality parts and a gaming PC that will last me 5 years of constant use. My sister still owns one I built 8 years ago, and it works fine, she just uses it as a regular computer.

Ironically, the people that say they can’t afford to buy a gaming PC can afford a new car. I’ve always bought older cars, because to me, a $1,200 car does the same thing a brand new one does, but a cheap PC won’t do the job of a gaming one. I did teach myself how to fix cars, so I knew what to avoid when buying a used one, and could spend a little over a grand and have a car that lasted 5–7 years. I just walk and take an Uber now, though. Wrecked my last car in 2013 and decided I didn’t want another one.