Funny you would bring such a thing up.
Jere Krischel

I’m a chemist, carbohydrates don’t do that in blood vessels. The reason fats do is they are insoluble in water. I have a pretty extensive medical background as well, so the carbohydrate thing sounds like quackery. Eat a balanced diet and get exercise, and you should be ok. Nothing guaranteed, of course.

As for the CO2 thing, carbon’s structure and bonding make CO2 pretty unique in its ability to trap infrared radiation. This has to do with bonding structure and various wavelengths of light, and wouldn’t make sense unless you understood nuclear physics and such. Rest assured, the data is pretty decent. Also, oceans warming is a bad sign, as it takes a huge amount of energy to change the temperature of water, water has the highest specific heat capacity of any chemical, and any change is pretty alarming.

So, people that say stuff like “the temperature has increased by only 0.6C, so what, that isn’t much” truly don’t understand that is a huge increase in energy storage.