Carbohydrates and specific heat
Jere Krischel

That’s what I meant by the specific heat thing, of ocean water. If the ocean temperatures are rising, then there is a vast amount of energy being stored there. I never said atmospheric conditions were driving the ocean warming. Also methane is a much stronger greenhouse gas, but it, like water vapor, exist in fairly low concentrations in the atmosphere. Water is pretty much the compound with the highest specific heat capacity known.

I know about the Kreb’s cycle, though my schooling is Materials Chemistry and not biochem, been awhile since I took that class.

The ocean will store excess CO2 to an extent, but there is a limit. And the oceans are becoming more acidic, as some of the CO2 in solution is carbonic acid. Been a couple years since I took Pchem, but there was an actual percentage we found, of gases in solution stored as other compounds.

And the problem with the buffer solution analogy is the buffer solution doesn’t work forever, you add too much of either acid or base and it can’t compensate anymore.

It’s obviously complicated, and I think we can agree that there isn’t one simple solution for it.

As for the diet thing, I’ll recommend what I always have. Exercise and a balanced diet. Fad diets come and go, but this is pretty much tried and true, unless you have specific dietary needs.