MAARO — Kill the Thought: Trailer

It is NOT something to rob as easy as you can.
But IT IS something about the freedom of woman.
It is NOT something like a wallet or mobile phone or an ornament that being robbed.
That robbed …wallet or mobile phone or an ornament can be recovered back or if not recovered back, we can earn them back.
She just wants to enjoy her freedom.
How pathetic if someone tries to steal her freedom or respect!!!
She wants to walk like her own. She wants to wear her dress like she wishes. She expresses her emotions according to her own body language.
She doesn’t know or care if her walking style is sexy…
She doesn’t know or care if she is tempting in her jeans and top…
She doesn’t know or care if she is exposing her body parts or curves or whatever while she is happy enjoying the nature…
She doesn’t know or she doesn’t care…hmm…

That said, I’ve just released the trailer for MAARO- Kill the Thought, a thriller short film, which suggests that one has to be frightened to think about attempting sexual assaults on women rather than the aftereffects of those attempts. That’s why, the tag line, Kill the Thought and the title MAARO being the Hindi word meaning ‘Beat’
Also, the good news is — the final copy is READY!!! Planning to make it online by next week, the early December.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the promo at -

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