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Deciding what classes to take in your last semester is hard, and as a last-semester senior with just 12 more academic hours before becoming an official adult, I had meticulously planned how I could satisfy these last few credits while granting myself a gratuitous amount of free time (something I am not used to as a double major in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics). One may think this would be an easy task, but I assure you, a lot of research goes into constructing the perfect schedule.

My schedule had evolved several different times during the creation process. I had most of my classes already determined immediately as they were required for graduation, but there was a problem because my required classes only added up to 11 hours when, in order to be a full-time student, I needed at least 12 hours. Hence, I was on the mission to find the perfect one hour class. As a senior, with a heavy block of senioritis weighing on my shoulder, I was hoping to stumble across a class that would either (a) provide me an opportunity to further my Computer Science career or (b) be extremely easy while also being extremely entertaining. After finally settling on Snowboarding for awhile, I thought my schedule was perfect.

In the end, I found that, though snowboarding would have been an amazing class to take in my final semester, the cost to enroll in the class would have been $125 and multiple days out of my week would have been busy from noon until 9:00 PM as I had to be at Cataloochee Mountain practicing my snowboarding skills for each exam. In addition to this, I had a friend who previously took the course and ended up breaking his wrist (not something a computer scientist desires). Thus, a day before the semester officially began, I began desperately searching for an easier, cheaper, and perhaps, a safer alternative. This led me to finding a course that wasn’t listed on the course catalog anywhere: CS 389 — Cooperative Ed. Computing. This class was basically doing an internship related to Computer Science for one general elective credit. Since I am currently working an internship remotely anyway, I talked to my boss and some computer science faculty about the opportunity and luckily, though it was the last day to sign up for the class, I had successfully enrolled in the perfect class.

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” — Mark Twain

Thus this blog is now born. In order to receive my one last credit before graduation, I just need to maintain a blog describing my weekly endeavors. However, in order to keep certain details about my projects confidential, what I will be posting are more instructional posts and tutorials on some specific thing that I achieved that week. In addition, my first real post will include many details to get you caught up on what I have been doing and how I’ve been doing it (sans a few details of course).

As an example of what you may expect in the future, I recently discovered how to select the first and last row of a query in Oracle 11/12 so I will be posting about that along with some details about the query. It was a query I had never seen before that used an aggregate function that I had not learned about prior to using it. In that post, I plan to talk about the query in great detail while providing useful information on the SQL behind the query and what a query of that type could be used for (or an analogous example to what I used it for so you can get a more concrete idea). The query is below in case you are interested and just can’t wait until the next post.

select id, 
max(date) keep (dense_rank first order by date) first_date,
max(date) keep (dense_rank last order by date) last_date
group by

And with that, I am glad you all read through my first blog post ever, and I hope that you continue to keep up with my adventure this semester through my internship!

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