Prompt #17: A recipe for happy days
Death To Stock

1 shot of Passport

2 shots of Boarding Pass

3 cups of Security

1 large box of Airplane

250 pieces of Passengers

5 cups of Suitcases

1 Chunk of Hotel

1 tablespoon of Camera

A lifetime of Memories

In a large bowl mix Passport, Boarding Pass and Security until well blended. Leave standing at Gate for 1 hour. One piece at a time, place the Passengers into the box of Airplane and blend on high for 30 minutes. Let rest until settled.

Next, place the box of Airplane in a cold sky for 11 hours or until all ingredients look well rested. Remove from sky and place at Baggage Claim for 30 mins. One cup at a time mix in Suitcases. Once mixed, stir in chunk of Hotel to rest.

After 1 hour of rest, add Camera. You are now ready to start inserting a Lifetime of Memories, one by one.

Additional Garnish (we recommend): 1 Round of London Eye, 1 Scoop of Harrods, 3 large pieces of the Shard, a pinch of Big Ben, 1 oz of River Thames

Tally Ho & Happy Days — one guess what we’ve stirred up!