A Letter For You

I was a wasteland. Vast.


Nothing ever grew but rain was an everyday occurrence and the skies were never blue.

Just. Black.

No footprints to be found in the dry, chapped chambers of my chest, just hollow sand dunes and no rest, for the dull eyes that collect dust.

I was a walking travesty, a desert deserted for years and years. Left alone, the manifestation of my fears inhabiting the caves in my stomach.

I had lost all feeling, no sun shone and the cold was bitter and numb.

I became the cold.

Bitter, so very bitter.


That is, until you.

You came along and lit a fire in my cave, warded off all my demons and dried up all the rain.

The blackhole in my head soon became a meadow, a garden bursting with life and love.

Slowly, the flowers bloomed and trees grew and it was all because of you and your sapphire eyes and your saffron hair. Your skin the colour of milk and the freckles that dusted over like stars, forming constellations.

The night became home, the day became safe.

The desert became beautiful and the hollows in my chest became so full that it felt as if I would burst.

Vibrancy and colour brought the world to life and spring set my soul alight.

Spring woke the butterflies, gracefully aeronautical.

Spring, stay a while.