Little Boy

Little boy

Are you proud?

With your nicotine lungs and tequila blood

Are you content with the company you keep?

With the ashes of burnt bridges and the hearts of those who care?

Little boy, are you happy now?

Little boy

Are you satisfied with what you’ve done?

I know you’re hurting, but they are too,

Those beside you, the ones of whom you push away,

They tried

Little boy, is this what you wanted?

Little boy

I know it was fear

The subconscious feeling that it will all come burning down,

That you had to be someone else to find love-

She fell for you before the drunken nights

She held you before the bitter words

Little boy, are you feeling lonely?

Little boy

With the crimson eyes

And the porcelain wrist

You’re blinded, stupid and utterly naive

She tried, her support unconditional

She trusted, with all her heart

Little boy, you broke her.

You lost her

Little boy

She’s gone

And so are you