No matter from which city do you belong and no matter which culture do you have.Just love human beings and serve life for human beings.

i am talking about Abdul Sattar Edhi who spent his entire life in serving the human beings Each morning his mother advised him by giving two paisas when he went go to school that one paisa spend on man kind and paisa spend on yourself.He thought that give charity to those who have no need of this its useless.

His mother inquired from him that what did you do with that money he had no answer for that then his mother said that look in your eyes and feel the greediness. He felt ashamed at all.He started to help with a basti’s people by providing medicines.They started with little beginnings.

I tough those students who cannot afford it.


I have started teaching to students and some students cannot afford the tuition fees i give concession on it.


1 Firstly i have to pay proper attention on that by stopping other activities it requires proper attention but some students do not give proper attentions they use the procrastination approach

Secondly some students do not do their task which i have assigned

Thirdly some feels hesitate to ask any question from me which create trouble for me.

Achieving some thing very big its important to take the initial step or little beginning Abdul Sattar also took initial step from the beginning and then moved forward

Experiences and challenges

firstly its difficult to decide about which place is better for that where disturbance factor is very low and i observed that those who is needy pay more attention to their work and getting more attention

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