How the Chinese tradition of confinement inspired my shelter-in-place self-care

A photo of an Asian woman watering plants on her windowsill at home.

InIn Chinese culture, there’s an ancient tradition of postpartum confinement, or 坐月子 (zuo yue zi) in Mandarin. The literal translation is “sitting the month” and refers to how, following childbirth, a new mother will rest at home for one full month while following a strict diet and rituals (like avoiding…

She was not only a millionaire but also a philanthropist and political activist

“I“I want to live to help my race” — these were some of Madam C.J. Walker’s last words from her deathbed. In her lifetime, the barriers she broke as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political activist were astonishing, and the ripple effect of her business and legacy can still be felt…

A Q&A with Robert Campbell, who’s promoting the health benefits of his kind of chocolate

Robert Campbell is an underground chocolate renegade in Philadelphia, on a one-man quest to redefine craft chocolate as a health food from his wife’s Venezuelan restaurant, Sazon.

Campbell is responsible for nearly all the chocolate production himself, with a little help from his wife, Judy, a cook and a server…

Amber Gibson

Journalist. Flâneuse. Champagne lover. Forbes columnist covering luxury travel, food & wine.

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