Take a Walk is interesting and refreshing for being outside. You start by walking down normally, enjoying the store fronts, feeling relatively good as a Godlike voice shouts compliments about your accomplishments. But then it goes away quite suddenly. Your left on a sidewalk by a few men on a stoop smoking. You’re not sure if you should keep walking, but you gotta finish the track. It goes well, until you’re a step right out of their sightline. You hear it. A whistle. A call for you. Mami. You keep walking but now past a coffee shop with some well-dressed men coming out of some sort of off site meeting. You have to go through them. There’s no where else to go. So you bustle through, but they all throw their hands up as if you burned their personal space. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you going in such a hurry? You’re gorgeous! Stop walking! These are compliments! Okay, bye bitch.
7 Halloween Haunted Houses for the Generally Jaded

amazing commentary on the sad reality

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