Making Peace With a ‘Medicalized’ Birth in the Bay Area
Riddhi Shah

While it’s easy to take a story like this and jump into the argumentative binaries around “natural v. medical” and “breastmilk v. formula” the greater issue is how our options, in this case medical, are determined by cultural biases that dominate where ever we happen to be in the world.

I strongly relate to this experience in that spirit, and having overcome not only the natural anxiety that comes with pregnancy but also feelings of isolation and alienation because my own ideas/ideals run contrary to what’s commonly seen as best in my part of the world…

This is an area where we as women can offer a lot to each other. Let’s resist the need to defend our choices as better or best and the need to be seen by others as right. Instead, we can make conscious decisions about how we support each other while bringing awareness to we how judge and undermine ourselves and other as well.

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