And The Oscar Goes To…

This years nominees for the Acadamy Awards are well deserved. Although I’ve always questioned why the awards weren’t open to a public voting system. I enjoy this award show becuase it is a time where people who love the art of filmmaking come together and talk about film in depth and not just as an average converation as to if a movie was a good or not. There is a sense of competativeness but overall the award show is a place where fellow filmmakers and actors come together and celebrate their accomplishments; because making a film is an accomplishment by itself.

When it comes to best picture I can never choose, since all of these films are so different there are a lot of factors that play a role in choosing. Frankly I think that award should be taken off the list since every movie nominated is pretty great. I can certainly say that best picture is subjective since you have to take into account the genre, etc. If you don’t like war films than Hacksaw Ridge will not be your choice, If you don’t care for musicals than La La Land is not your number one, so again the genre is the make or break in this category.

Actors and Actresses are extremly important in a film because they are the ones who bring a story to life. When judging an actors preformance I examine their character and what kind of world they lived in and if they made me belive in their struggle or triumphs. I don’t think Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling should have been nominated. My reasoning for this is because I have seen them play charactors like this before. It was nothing new or special regarding performance, although I do commend Ryan on his intensive piano lessons. Denzel Washington should win for best actor, he was extremly believable and he gave an emotional and heartfelt performance that could bring anyone to feel something. He played an extremely difficult character who could be seen as the antagonist but also the protaganist at times. The story made you hate him but also understand why he was the way he was. It is also helpful when you have a great supporting actress beside you as well such as Viola Davis.

My favorite categories are the technical ones such as Cinematography, Production Design, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Music and Editing. Every single person on a film crew is important and that is why I enjot this award show; they bring attention to the people behind the scenes that most people don’t know about. After watching a movie no one really sits and reads all the names in the credits (well I do) only because they are focused on who directed or acted in it. La La Land should definatley take the award for original score and maybe even cinematography. Sound editing should either go to Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival or Deep Water Horizon just because I know how challenging it must have been to sort through all those sounds and effects and clean them up. Another category that I am recently more interested in is the Writing, which I would really love to see Moonlight get. Moonlight’s screenplay to the average person would not seem to be anything special but it is that simplicity that makes it the best. The dialogue is so effortless and natural that you would feel as if you were spying on these characters lives instead of watching a narative film.

Reading this you would think that I am a film critic with the way I talk about films. (Maybe that’s something I sould consider if my own film career doesn’t pan out well). But for me it is easy to write this way because films are literally my life. They are the only thing constently on my mind, I even find it fun not just watching a film but analizing it and figuring out how certain shots were accomplished, even how much it most have cost to get a helicopter for that one scene. Hey you never know maybe one day I’ll be one of the lucky few to be nominated. A girl can dream right.

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