Print News V. Digital News

Digital news has been growing in popularity lately due to how plugged in people are to their devices. So the big question is, is the digital version of our news really different from the print version? I for one think reading an article on a physical paper is more engaging. You are not being bombarded by tons of ads on the margins of your screen as you would if you were reading a digital version. The printed version of an article tends to also have more visual appeal since they have to keep their readers engaged. The online version of an article can be very distracting because there are so many other things around that article that are competing for your attention.

In a digital article, there are a lot of moving parts. When you are reading an article and you scroll down, other articles appear and even some ads. The digital and print versions have the same information on the story, but it does leave some things out. If a newspaper releases a special print publication outside of its regular edition for example, an edition specifically highlighting an upcoming election and its candidates — this content often does not make it online. Sometimes online editions will even leave out content from the print newspaper’s regular edition. If it is a busy news day and content online is already overflowing, some smaller news items may never make it on the web, leaving online readers slightly less informed than print readers.

As for other types of digital news (Buzzfeed etc), there news is covered completely different. Depending on the story, Buzzfeed can give off a more relaxed vibe. If the subject matter is more serious the feeling would change but again it would be condensed. Media news outlet like these are designed for people interested in getting information quick. When it comes to being informed on the news around you and around the world I do not recommend skimming through an article. Especially if it is online, since there is less information on those to begin with. It really doesn’t matter whichever way you read the news, as long as it is a credible source and you are actually reading the story fully. Print news, in my opinion will never die. There is just something about picking up an actual paper and reading it that surpasses the ease or a digital version.

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