Imagining Your Business without Video Marketing

Absence of a Marketing Video may lead to Less Brand Exposure

Does your business use a video to market your services or products? If not, you may be deprived of the countless benefits which come along with the inclusion of a small marketing video or an ad. It can grasp the attention of those potential customers who are attracted to your business more by ‘watching’ information about your products and not by reading about them.

Every digital marketing campaign should incorporate at least a small video to visually display the use, benefit and features of their products and services. According to Marc Fleishhacker, the Head of Products for the Enterprise division of Ebay and a marketing professional for 30 years, integrating a video to your e-mail marketing campaign can trigger customer interaction by 200 to 300%.

If you haven’t experimented with video marketing as yet you may be missing out on:

Full Exposure to Your Target Market
A video is 50% more likely to obtain an organic first page ranking as compared to traditional text pages. As reported in the magazine ‘Internet Retailer’ marketing videos have 85% more chances of conversion. If you are a small business operating mostly through your website, a video to market your products can be the next best thing happening to you. Youtube along with Vimeo can reach those hundreds of potential customers of your target market who can like, share and post their opinions about your marketing video. If produced professionally, your video ad can go viral in no time and yield instant conversion. An interesting example in this regard is Shahid Nazir of UK whose song One Pound Fish went viral over the internet and gained immense popularity in an unbelievably short time.

Instant Reaction to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns
In 2013, an astonishing 77% of the international market is reported to viewing videos of some form on the internet. As more and more online visitors are preferring videos to conventional text based marketing content, it is easier to acquire instant reactions from the viewers. Analytics can be quickly analyzed to figure out if the video has gone viral or how it is received by your target audience. Further steps can be taken to accomplish your digital marketing goals.

An Edge over your Rivals
Your potential customers usually compare you to your rival’s services, products and also videos. They usually remember you by your video and not the text on your website. This also means that a marketing video can give you an edge over your competitors. Whether it is short or long, funny or sentimental, your marketing video should leave such an impact on your customers that it gets glued to their minds and they want to share and watch it again and again. This, of course, would highlight your business message incorporated in the video.

According to sources, digital video advertising budget of any digital campaign will reach $5.4B by 2016. Every business will eventually have to include a video in their digital marketing campaign. The sooner you do it, the better it is for your business!

Instant Conversion
The foremost disadvantage of not highlighting your business through a video is that you may miss out on a big fraction of customers to get converted instantly. Static images and marketing contact may get the hold of your customers initially but it doesn’t promise to bring any conversions. On the other hand, as a video is viewed and enjoyed more by the user, the chances of instant conversion are higher than by showing product images or technical content.

YouTube is believed to receive1 billion unique global visitors in a single day. Even if 50% of your viewers comment or share your marketing videos, can you imagine the impact it would make on your digital marketing campaign? Customers look forward to do business with trustworthy and authentic vendors. A marketing video helps potential customers to make a solid connection which cannot be created with ordinary words, and once that connection is established, they’ll surely begin to trust you and your business.

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