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Gavin Lawrence, better known as G LAW, hails from the sunshine city of Portmore. Growing up surrounded by music, his passion for writing music emerged around age twelve. His father was in a band and he, in quite a few choirs and bands also.

G LAW began his music pursuit merely for the love of it. He’s drawn to the reggae and dancehall genres, however, when asked what type of artist he was, he responded with “I’m just an artist” which shows that he doesn’t put himself in a box. He aims to reach international audiences with his distinct melody…

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Kahylah Dawkins is a biology major who takes a mean picture. Born in Plantation, Florida to Jamaican parents, Kaylah Dawnkins comes from a family filled with creatives. A mother and sisters who could write, sing and draw, an uncle in music and a grandmother who was a killer at baking. So, it was no surprise that she would have a hand in the artistic world. Going on to build her brand ‘KayDee Photography‘.

Kaylah’s run with photography started pretty young. She was always her older sister’s personal photographer, snapping photos of her in sneakers for a sneaker club. Growing up…

Contributed By Tyla-Simone Crayton

In a time so competitive as this when everyone is trying to shoot for the stars. Tyla-Simone Craytonsecured her spot on this train ride to success. This fifteen years old from Brooklyn, New York decided to act rather than take whatever life has in store for her.Tyla-Simone shared that both her parents are entrepreneurs so being a boss came naturally to her. Here’s a brief intro into how Tyla-Simone started her own business Sienna Sauce.

Tyla-Simone stated that the birth of her destiny started because her favorite wing place in New York had closed down and instead of mourning the…

Modelling is a career that doesn’t require a specific degree or credential. With that being said, Edun Oluwatomisin is well on her way to getting her medical degree at the Kharkiv National Medical University. Who doesn’t love an all-rounded student?

Oluwatomisin is a medical student, saxophonist, model, and fashion blogger. Balancing medical school along with her hobbies can be tasking. Nevertheless, she pushes through.

Meet Khairi “Grand KhaiAllah. Dynamic, passionate and lyrically inclined are a few words to describe the young vocalist. Amberation was curious to know genre he identified with, khai went on to explained that he makes feel good music, for the millenials who can appreciate the versitility of his sound. The streets of Queens, New York was Khai’s stomping grounds. Riddled in hip hop culture it was everywhere he went. He remembers the specific song that piqued his interest to write music. 50 Cents21 questions ” started him on his musical journey.

Growing up in a single parent home…

Sometimes the dream you thought you wanted your whole life, isn’t what destiny had planned for you. Zai The Cannon has a journey which is a perfect example of what this means. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Zai grew up between Bethlehem and Allentown. Basketball was always his dream, playing for the NBA and making it big. Music was never on his agenda until a friend of his introduced him to FL Studio and he never turned back.

Zai The Cannon always wanted to be successful in whatever he did. His name representing his will to never give up and to…

What is Amberation ?

Amberation is a cross-cultural online magazine that connects people, dissects cultures, breaks language barriers and shares inspirational stories.

Founded by Lawrence L. Deacon, internationally renowned Jamaican Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Illustrator. The brand began as an inspirational quotes website in November 2014. With camera in tow, he snapped photos, which was then released with an inspirational quote attached. Lawrence then decided that Amberation had a greater purpose. Shedding light on the many skilled and talented persons from around the world was the magazine’s purpose. He scoured the internet and Jamaica’s streets in search of like-minded…


Amberation is a cross-cultural online magazine that connects people, dissects cultures and breaks language barriers.

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