5k — My time

There was a time when running was a ridiculous idea to me. Why would I want to run circles around a track or run “nowhere” on a gym.

It was in my mid-twenties that I started running for exercise. It brought results and I needed to lose a lot of pounds so I did it whether it was enjoyable or not. Eventually I did enjoy it. After my first 5K I learned the community that was around running. The joy of just finishing. Who cared if I finished with first half of the group of the second half.

(I did make an effort to never be the last person crossing the line. At the weight I started out at this was BIG effort).

Then came my darling children. Those precious babes I prayed so much for. 5K is now a delight and a joy. It is the time I get to myself. I can think clearly for a short moment, listen to a whole podcast, listen for direction of my daddy God.

From the moment they were big enough to be in a jogging stroller they have been bundled up and taken out of a run many times a week. This was our life it never seemed unusual until last year when someone asked how many 5k races the girls had been in? We lost track but I know it is more than most adults have.

Now the oldest is too big for the stroller and I am sad. I love “my time” but I also love having them come along. Yet another story of transformation.

From HATING running to MAKING it through to MY TIME to FAMILY time these 5 kilometers have been changing me over and over again.

This post was created from the Five Minute Friday group’s prompt FIVE. Each week a group of wonderfully supportive people gather together to chat on Thursday night and at 9pm central time a 1 word prompt is released. Join us at Five Minute Friday to learn and to join in. (disclosure: this post took much longer than 5 minutes because I was distracted by my small people who were creating paper telescopes.)

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