Let them play

This is our first year as a homeschooling family. I have written a lot about it in the past few months because quite frankly it is all I thought about and worried out . The love of learning and access to knowledge while developing character are hugely important things to my husband and I. My fear was could I do this (the same fear every homeschooling parent faces).

I’m a fairly structured person and like to have order in my when I can get it. Being married to a serial entrepreneur, dreamer and now software engineer order and structure can be hard to come by.

We have chosen to participate in a classical style education community for our oldest but really there is a lot of unschooling happening in our life right now. As I struggle to quickly unpack our things that have been hidden away in storage for 5 months, buy the furniture we need and learn a new city, state there is not a lot of time left for crafts and supplemental instruction.

Every so often fear creeps up and says “those kids should be doing something usual” or the concerned Target cashier asks “do your kids go to school at all?” But more often I look out the window of my suburban rental to see them spinning in the driveway or jumping on the trampoline making up songs and I say to my fears and doubts — Just let them be little.

Life will come quick enough but joy can not be replaced if it is extinguished so let them be little.

I find myself encouraging other mamas now, don’t rush, don’t push. They will get it soon enough. They will potty train. If not this month, it will be soon. They all do.

I challenge you dear reader don’t rush yourself either. Let yourself be just the age you are without fearing that there is a great timeline that you must meet the deadlines of. Just be where you are.

Thank you for stopping by. I love writing this 5 minute posts. They are inspired by a one word prompt given by Christina Hubbard and are part of the Write 31 Days challenge.

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