The Baltic Amber Necklace Teething Pain Reliever for Baby

The Baltic amber necklace teething pain reliever is not something new, has been a part of natural healing tradition in Europe. But some of you are probably more familiar with the amber in the form of perfume or a part of home decoration. In fact, this fossilized pine tree resin offers plenty health benefits especially for your teething baby.

The artisans create three different types of product: glossy, matte and raw amber teething necklace. Glossy amber beads are perfect for you who love something smooth and shiny for your baby. When the most natural look impresses you more than anything else, then raw beads are the good option. They have rough surface, but sure still very comfortable to wear. Matte beads, on the other hand, are the combination of glossy and raw beads’ characteristics. Matte or semi-polished beads look natural, smooth but not shiny.

Plenty Health Benefits

Apart from the awesome natural beauty, there are so many health benefits your teething baby can get from wearing glossy, matte or raw amber teething necklace. When being worn against skin, the beads will release special healing and pain relief properties, absorbed by the skin into bloodstream.

Providing calming effects, reducing inflammation, alleviating the pain on baby’s gum and boosting immune system, Baltic amber is the best option to help human being to stay fit and healthy naturally. Baltic amber necklace teething pain reliever, therefore, is the most beautiful gift parents can present to their beloved little angel.

Fortunately, the calming effects released by Baltic amber beads are also helpful for adults. The daily routines, deadlines and other problems make us stressed and anxious. Wearing amber necklace against skin is all you need as stress reliever. More than that, the special property released by the beads can accelerate wound healing, treat any discomfort very well, including headache, joint stiffness, cold and flu.

Plenty Options and Features

Shopping for glossy, matte or raw amber teething necklace will be really interesting especially when it comes to choose color. Yellow beads looks cute, but dark cognac are also beautiful. If you want to have all colors at once for your baby, then multicolor necklace will be the perfect choice. If not, then choose single color necklace which looks great for your baby boy or baby girl.

What about the shape? From Baroque, Round Flat to Olive, each shape is designed in such a way to enable maximum contact with baby‘s skin, therefore will guarantee the best health benefits. The best shape of Baltic amber necklace teething pain reliever, therefore, is a matter of personal preference, means you just need to choose the one you think will look the best for your baby, because each shape offers the same awesome health benefits.

Every glossy, matte or raw amber teething necklace comes with a safety clasp and made of double-knotted beads. These are included to ensure durability and prevent choking hazard, so you would have given the best teething pain reliever option to your baby without putting him or her at risk.

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