The Secret to Finding Your Tribe & A Space To Be Who You Are

You wake up in the morning and already you’re already dreading the day. The world out “there” used to feel so magical. But after years and years of dealing with the same bs, you’re totally over it.

If you could lay in your bed for days or book a one-way ticket to the west coast, you would. But you have a full schedule. A project due by Friday and some phone calls to return.

Which by the way, is one of our worst nightmares. I mean, “why do they NEED to talk to me anyways. Won’t a text or email do…” you think quietly to yourself as you reach for the snooze button. Just one more time.

Oh, wait. This is suppose to be your “me” time. Before everyone else gets up to begin their day. The time of in the morning that everyone else (the successful/fulfilled people from Facebook) seem to spend getting physically”fit” and spiritually “enlightened”.

Maybe it’s better this way. That you just wait quietly for the week to be over, so you can finish cleaning the house, a bottle of wine and binge watch Netflix.

Nothing changes. And yet, nothing seems to stay the same.

You secretly want more from your life. To delight at the sunshine streaming through the curtains. To follow the wind, wherever it takes you. To reflect on the beauty and curiosities of life, instead of getting bogged down with the details.

You long to trust your inner wisdom. To move past your limitations. To embrace the present moment and to trust that things will work out in the end.

You wish that you could take just a few moments just to yourself. Not distracted by worry or heavy with doubt. That you can actually figure out what you really want out of your life. Instead of moving forward on auto-pilot.

You want to whisper your secret dreams to the midnight sky and know that the women standing behind you won’t scoff or laugh at you. Women who will smile and wish more for you, then you ever thought possible.

But memories from the past keep you stuck.

When you were a little girl, you’re told that you are innately flawed, broken and weak. Convincing you that your dreams were frivolous and your desires were unimportant.

And that you were born into a never-ending competition with the other females in your life. To be younger. Smarter. Prettier.

So you fought like hell to be more liked, loved and adored by those around you.

But no matter how hard you’d try. You would always be the odd one out. Your nose too big. Your hair to wild. Your family too odd. Your dreams to big.

Fading into the background. You learned to stay small and keep quiet. If they never noticed you there, you could be who you wanted. At least to yourself.

Which works most of the time. Except in those moments. That you realize you feel so alone. With no one standing beside you. Taking your hand. You feel deathly afraid of speaking up or standing tall.

If you spend your life trying to change yourself to fit in, when will you ever truly feel at home in your body or your life?

Today I want to say to you and not to anyone else. Not the passive aggressive woman next door. Not the man who once broke your heart into a million pieces. Not your boss, who doesn’t understand why you feel so hard and so deeply.

It’s a secret I’m keeping just between us.

I know who you are. And I love, like and adore you just as you are.

With your big heart and wild dreams. Your bare feet and your messy kitchen. Your half-filled journals and your Friday nights cuddled on the couch instead of hitting up the bar with your “co-workers”.

Today I remind you to find your people. The women who get you, the way that I do. And to give yourself the space to be more of you. ALL of you.

Your smiles. Your tears. Your friendships. Your heartbreak. The best and the worst. Give yourself the space to be all. of. you.

The world may never understand why you care so much about the planet, the homeless dogs, the dying ocean or the abuse of human life on this planet.

And they may never see why you love the colour of the ocean so much or why you look to the sky in search of meaning, while everyone else looks to newspapers at the grocery store.

You are a deep soul with a pure light within you. Do not let it be dimmed by moments of doubt. Find your people. Let them love you. And love them back.

Because when you do, you’ll feel like the universe is conspiring in your favour. To bring all the elements together in perfect alignment for this moment. A hug. A smile. A laugh.

You are more than enough. And you do not have to prove to anyone. Not anyone at all.


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