There will be those who try to stop you

There will be those who try to stop you.

Fighting tooth and nail against you. Holding you hostage in a state of utter confusion.

Because if you don’t know the truth, then you will lose yourself in longing.

If the answer lives “out there” then you will always keep searching.

There will be those who try and tell you how to live.

What to believe and where you should look.

Forcing you to turn your head.

Towards the direction of their choosing.

Your worry? Your fear? Your doubt?

What if they’re not your own?

Half lovingly gifted to you by those who know what’s “better” for you.

Well intentioned — cautionary tales breed fear. Until we all fall down.

Collapsing under the weight of “I’ll never be good enough.”

You’re loss becomes their gain.

Selling yourself in exchange for a false sense of belonging.

If you could just be ____ then you could finally have ____.

If you could just do_____then you could finally get ______.

If you could just fix ______then you could finally feel_____.

Your forced smile and never yeilding kindness might work on those people.

But I know how you really feel.

Cut off from your truth. Forced into a box. Fighting to survive.

In a world obsessed with fixing flaws, hiding from the truth and pretending not to see what’s really going on.

The truth is, what makes you feel so alive deep down inside, doesn’t fit onto your resume.

The things that light your heart on fire, don’t grace the cover of the latest magazines or hit the high street shops.

When you close your eyes, you remember who you really are.

But the world keeps you occupied.

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, you have to believe in someone else.

Their words become your prison.

So you scroll and scroll and scroll.

What would she do? What would he say? Where would they go?

And you’re left even further from yourself.

But deep down, even in the most soul-sucking and heart-breaking of moments, you know the truth.

You are freedom, embodied. The wisdom of nature runs through your veins and your heart beats to the rhythm of the universe.

…and that what you’re really looking for, can’t be bought.

Even if they try to convince you that it can.

You are the one. So be her.

Amber xo

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