What is News to me?

News to me is more than just Facebook and Instagram, but I do believe that news can be on those platforms. I usually don't follow the news as much as I should although I get my news from CNN, I have the app and the news is sent to my phone. For a week for a class project I was assigned to track down how I interact with social media as news. I found out some very interesting observations about my self as the week went on. News on different platforms can be falsified and not the true story. My question is how do you know if the news that was published is credible?

I usually do not seek out news I kind of just bump into it. What I mean by this is that a few days ago I was scrolling down Twitter, and I found out that a woman named Betsy DeVos wanted to put more funding into private schools. I saw that the source was from CNN and I did not think twice about the story being non credible. I sometimes catch myself scrolling down my Facebook and Instagram timeline every once in a while. The other day I seen something about a young lady that created the phrase “Cash Me Out Side How Bout Dah” had died. That was not true someone made up that story to get more publicity.

One Website that I use everyday is YouTube, I was just watching a YouTube channel called Lovelyti. When I want to hear about Viral news, social news or news about Celebrities I go to her page. I believe that her news in credible because I can tell that she takes her time to do the research because of the way she presents it. On Sunday I was watching her talk about some drama between Nicki Minaj and a female Rapper called Remy ma. I kind of wanted to know how the beef started and as I was looking online I could not find out why. When Lovelyti posted the story she explained why they did not like each other in the beginning and why it all started. YouTube is my main news source that I go on. In the past week I have been on YouTube at least two to three hours a day. When I get on YouTube I am usually watching something that is mentally stimulating.

When I am online and I find something interesting or funny on YouTube or Facebook I share it with my family and friends. When I send it to them they usually respond back and we either laugh or have a debate about the situation. A few days ago a police officer was sexually assaulted and I found out this news from Facebook and I shared it to my mom. She was very upset about it and could not believe why it happened. She expressed to me that the news on Facebook seems to be very foul and it is mostly about things that she could not believe.

I think that social media is enough for my needs but sometimes I do have to make sure that I am not too focused on what going on. Sometimes being on social media can distract me from doing what I need to accomplish because I'm on my phone. That is why I make sure that I limit myself and be mindful of what I am watching. When it comes to checking credibility of new I look at the link, date and where or who wrote it. I do not like to just read news and go with it because now a days there can be a lot of fake news out there. Social media has a lot of affects and people use it differently, I know I use it for news and to market mu brand.

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