Things That are Often Forgotten When Planning a Move

Fred Barlow
Oct 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Who says moving saves people money? Even though a homeowner may think they’re saving money by tackling a home move on their own, most do not consider every aspect of the move. In the end, they find out that they could’ve hired a Local Mover for a little bit more than what they end up spending.

Costs most do not think about

Before undertaking a move on your own, consider these costs:

Truck rental

Equipment rental

Unexpected events (accident, breakage, theft, etc.)

Purchase of insurance

Money or food that is given to friends and family that help

Material management

If a person chooses to tackle everything on their own, they will need to rent or purchase every piece of moving equipment needed to transport large furniture and appliances, including:

Belts and straps

Moving dolly

Moving blankets

Tools needed to remove the door from a refrigerator, for example, or to pack a sofa whose cushions refuse to pass through the door of the new home

People will also have to find or buy boxes, not to mention renting a truck, buying insurance, and gas for said moving truck

If hiring Local Movers, you would not have to worry about any of this. Every mover should have these things in their truck when arriving at a client’s location.

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The distance to be traveled

Also, consider the distance to be driven. Most people have never sat behind the wheel of a large moving truck and, thus, they may not be comfortable or accustomed to driving such vehicles. Mileage between the two locations becomes an important factor to be taken into account before making a decision.

What is a turnkey move?

This is none other than the “Cadillac” of moves. People will hardly have to lift their hands with this kind of move. Movers take care of everything and, more specifically, they:

Pack and unpack goods

Load and unload any assets

Transport, dismantle, and assemble furniture and appliances

Have the appropriate insurance for a move of this type

Obviously, people must pay for the equipment needed for their move, such as boxes, packing tape, etc. However, the Moving Company should have carpets and blankets to use. Generally, people want to save as much as they can, especially when it comes to moving from one house to another. Indeed, the adventure of moving or becoming a homeowner is expensive enough, leaving little room for other expenses.

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