Ashley “Billy” Madison

Really, you’re surprised?

Ok, everyone knew there was a website devoted to helping people cheat in a more organized manner right? I mean having an affair has almost always been under the radar, on the down low, a secret… right? The website was facilitating this legacy of infidelity that is as old as marriage itself. I guess I’m not sure where the outrage is aimed.

If my information was hacked from any website I used, I would be on fire. I guess it’s a good thing my information isn’t worth anything. However, the anger is at the website.. not the people who stole the information. This is what I gather. The website has been around for a long, long, long ass time. Why now? Because people realize that a select group has been capitalizing off of low mores and ethos? I may have an unorthodoxed view on cheating and infidelity. It happens. The why is almost always the same. People stray because we’re people. We’re human. Here are some other shitty things humans do.

They kill people. Jealous, God, betrayal, accident, anger, desperation, heartbreak. Humans kill people. They lie to people. Humans lie all day every day. They make judgments. Single women, black men, poor immigrants, ill-educated work force. Humans make judgments. They are gluttons. Fast food, slow cookers, buffets, leftovers, pre-packaged. Humans are pigs.

When it’s work, it provides more fulfillment. When it’s easy, it’s just that easy. But the cheating isn’t just that, an instant gratification thing. There are dimensions to an affair. A loss of self maybe. A personal tragedy. Boredom. Status quo is a libido killer. Imagine how you feel when you meet someone for the first time and they get you. Inside and out. That’s it. If you can have that with the same person for your entire life, that is amazing.

But it still begs the question. Why have an affair, why cheat, why stray when the damage is catastrophic? Does anyone really have an answer that justifies the end result? Not me. I think for sure there needs to be a conversation about the everyday that seems to remain a secret and unsaid. But have it with your lover.