Bearded And Mustached

Girls can do anything men can do, but we still like your beards..

The last frontier in the evolution of the equality of the sexes is the traditional gender roles in mating and courting and coupling. I understand that I do not speak for all women; however I do speak for a lot of women, a shit ton of women. Both single and married gals identify with what I say. From the married side I understand the plight. From the single side, I live in that nightmare. So from my angle, my vantage, this is what I’m noticing in the dating world.

Men are confused boys who have too many options and have no idea what to do with a girl who doesn’t throw herself at him. The same things men had to do to get a girl friend, even 10 years ago, don’t apply. Girls now have complex lives and careers and children and credit. We’re not always looking for the guy that can take care of us. We don’t need support in the same way traditional gender roles modeled. Between having so many options girl wise and girls being more independent than ever, men are so confused. They are lost.

Here are things all girls like.

  1. Open the door. Open the car door. Open the restaurant door. If she is leading, you must reach in front of her to do this. She opens her own doors all day long. She will forget to wait for you, but if you can get there first, she will remember that.
  2. Pay for everything you can afford to pay for. Yes she has her own paycheck. She might actually make more money than you. When you put your money down, we feel taken care of. Most of us don’t require fancy dinners or expensive gifts. A $2 coffee means just as much as a plane ride for breakfast… sometimes more. Let us pay every now and then.
  3. Touch us. For the love of God touch us. Many women have jobs that require us to be bad ass mother fuckers with a guarded and irritable demeanor all day. When you take us out or when you hang out with us, touch us. It reminds us of our gentle nature, we feel secure, and we love your touch.
  4. Drive. Unless she really wants to drive… pick your lady up. Drive to the places your are going to as a couple. It shows you cared enough to take the lead and you planned for the evening/ outing. You are in charge. You are in the Alpha and that puts us at ease. Women are very capable of driving, but we like to sit back and let you do it.
  5. TEXT US YOU FUCKERS. Women understand men communicate differently. But we need you to text us. We just do. A simple good morning. We like it. We like it so much. All it says is, Hey Girl, I’m thinking about you even though you’re not here. It may sound needy, but it’s just a small token that goes far.

Girls are moving from being pigeon holed as mothers and second class employees to equals in the professional and social realm. These are all very good things for women. Deep down we still love you men, we still love your manly, musky smell. We love that you can lift heavy things and understand how drills work. We love that you can figure out how to put shit together without the directions. We like that you are naturally good at the BBQ. This might be why the bearded man is becoming quite the phenom. In ever evolving gender roles, a man with a beard is putting out the cave man thing. And strong women are attracted to this. It’s fierce. It’s strong.

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