I’ll Just Buy A Boy

A Hairy Beast

If I can’t land myself a wonderful and delightful prince, I guess I could just buy one. For the longest time my oldest daughter has asked for an animal. An animal that will lay on the couch and take naps and require little to no care. So basically a cat. We are not getting a cat.

But, I love dogs. She likes dogs but despises the high maintenance care that comes with a dog. The walking, the training, the keeping everything away from it’s mouth.. (underwear and shoes) The unconditional love they provide is what she’s looking for, also someone to love. I love dogs. I love, love, love dogs. My ex husband didn’t feel the same so we have homed and rehomed at least three dogs. But now that I am alone and in charge of my life and not subject to anyone’s approval or disapproval.. I want a dog.

We searched and researched breeds. A dog that will not want to go for runs but that won’t pee all over. A dog that’s a good cuddler but also a good protector. A dog that has personality, a lover, a calm soul. Not a new puppy. Not an old curmudgeon. We found a dog about a month ago that has all of these qualities. He is being re-homed because is mommy is terminally sick. A giant St. Bernard. Two days ago he was finally ready to come to our home and be our man. A 180 lb professional napper and hugger. He asks for very little and gives everyone a sense of fulfillment we were missing. This dog is supposed to be for my daughter, but it’s pretty clear, I’m his.

Heart.. healing..

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