The Everything Heart

A Poem

You see, dear ones, my everything is in your heart.
When I accepted the position as your mother, I knew I would never quit or look for a promotion.
The schedule, on the job training, vacation time, and retirement benefits, though attractive, are not why I applied for this job.
I liked the idea of a forever love, an everything heart.
Your souls came to be by pouring 100% of my DNA into your design and then stardust and millennia of joy and strength.
I smile when you smile because your everything heart is connected to mine by cells and atoms and magic.
My job is not to do the dishes or drive you to soccer or make sure you don’t fall down.
My career is dedicated and life long and it may seem harsh at times.
I know that you will fall, but I will be your soft landing.
As your Mother, I won’t promise you the moon and stars, your life is yours to earn.
Sometimes things are difficult and sad, just as they are fantastic and perfect.
I may praise or scold or seem indifferent, but I am not paid to be liked.
However, dear ones, I am your safe harbor and warm blanket and the keeper of your everything heart.
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