Intentions for leading worship

What are the intentions of your heart when you lead worship? I’m not just talking to the ‘front and center’ worship leader. I’m talking to the whole team that partners with God & the worship leader to lead people into His presence with the gift He’s freely given to you.

Being musically intentional with what you are playing and/or singing, play a big part with teaming up with what God want’s to do in the meetings your apart of.

As a support lead, when you learn your harmony parts with intentions to add dynamic to the set, it really makes a huge impact to the sound that will go forth. Even knowing when not to sing and which harmony will suit best for the set (and suit best for your vocal range). Ask yourself, what offering can I bring to the Lord and to my team. Is there an exhortation that you can bring, can you bring a fresh energy to the set? What can you bring to the banquety table?

As musicians, intentionally practicing the presence during the times that your at home practicing the set can make a huge impact to the team, It puts a demand on the annointing. Not doodeling or making things up as you go (unless it’s spontanously led by the spirit) in the middle of worship, but intentionally taking time before a sunday or weekday meeting to think how your sound/part will impact or uplift the rest of the team and the atomosphere.

As a worship leader, inetnionally learning the songs in and out (to the best of your aility) can really make a huge difference in how the band locks in together. I am a worship leader that does not lead with an instrument, but I have learned that it is really hard to communicate to the band when I don’t know the songs. Even if I don’t hear every bass line and every guitar riff, I still want to be able to identify if something does not sound right or if it should go in a different direction. Put a demand on your self to be intentional to learn things so that you can communicate to the band. This will reflect unity and annointng on and off the platform.

Mark 5:25 talks about the women with the issue of blood and how she was determined to come to Jesus for her healing. She kept telling herself “If I touch the him of his garment, I will be made well.” She put a demand on her healing and didn’t just wait for it, but was intentional about getting to where Jesus would be and then took action. I can imagine her going through in her head how she would approach Jesus, or how she would get there. Then when she touched Jesus, Jesus felt power leave from him. Even though there were thousands that touched Jesus in that moment, He knew someone demanded that power and was intentional about recieving it.

It’s not that we have to beg for the annointing, but it’s about positioning our selves to step in the power that He has so freely given to us. Matthew 7:7 says “Ask, and the gift is yours. Seek, and you will discover. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.” God is giving us full permission to ask and to partner with his intentions, to seek new ways to grow our craft and to knock on the door to his glory!

Ask, seek and knock for God to move in power and to bring an alignment to the team. If we don’t ask God what he wants to do in the meeting, or if we don’t seek ways to intentioanlly play and sing to discover what God wants to do in the meeting… then the door will not be opened!

God will always have his way, but He always wants us to be apart of what He is doing.

Live and lead inentional.

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