3 Questions For Lasting Inspiration

I bet you have tried to “get motivated” to do something, but find it wears off after a while?

Excuses pop up, crazy justifications kick in, and you drop the ball entirely after a while, every single time.

You don’t even bother setting goals anymore, because you are so used to giving up. Or when you do, you don’t tell anyone because you know you will probably bail out anyway.

I get it, totes been there man.

And then, there are those people. You know — the ones who just seem to have boundless motivation and are totally killing it at life? And they look like the actually enjoy what they’re doing?

Have you ever wondered what their secret is?

Well if you have, you are in for a treat because today’s Stay Real With Amber episode reveals the thing that these people are doing differently that you may not be.

Motivation comes from your head and lasts a minute. Inspiration comes from your heart and lasts a lifetime. Click here to Tweet this.

That is their secret.

They don’t waste time with motivation. They have mastered the art of inspiration.

You are four questions away from knowing what it really takes to feel inspired about life.

Now please, don’t forget to share your thoughts. What do you think of my take on motivation?

Did this episode help you and were you able to instantly feel a difference between motivation and inspiration? Maybe even identify where you went wrong?

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Originally published at www.amberhawken.com.

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