Find Out How Addictions To Social Media Affect Your Success

I just lied to you, oops.

I wanted to get your attention on a rather important point that could potentially change your life. Yeah, I pulled out the big guns here.


Maybe I am biased because it is my work after all 😉

But here goes.

Social media gets slammed for being so addictive and ruining our lives. But it is not the problem. We are. Well at least, our thoughts are.

Recently, model Essena O’Neill has blasted her break up with social media and spoke out about how the life she projected was completely fake and said that social media was the pressured cause of this.

She let everyone know how miserable she actually was and encouraged people to remove themselves from this fake platform and talk about things that matter.

All great points.

However, I object.

An addiction or reliance on social media to boost our self confidence isn’t a problem, it is a symptom.

It isn’t too far from emotional eating, alcohol abuse, Netflix binging or wanting a relationship to “complete you”. The truth is, we are kinda in denial and it’s a little sad.

In today’s episode, I talk about:

– The cause of the addiction— Why turning off all social media won’t fix the problem— What to real problem is— How to really fix the problem— 7 gems of wisdom you can start applying right now to change the way you think— Other gems of wisdom

You can listen to this week’s episode through iTunes here or through Soundcloud here. No vid this week guys, I will be alternating the vids and podcasts sometimes to rustle up the variety a little.

This episode is fun, a little longer than normal, hence the podcast over video. I all know ya got stuff to do, so you can listen and catch your bus or go on your walks etc. and still get the juicy goodness.

Yep, I gotcha back you know it.

It won’t be as confronting as you think, I promise.

After you listen please head to the bottom of the blog post and comment your thoughts. This is pretty big and can be an overwhelming topic, so sharing your thoughts might help get some clarity or even better, help another have a breakthrough.

As I mentioned in my podcast, I have one open spot for my private coaching program, you can get more info here.

Oh, and before I go: what was the lie I told you at the start? Well, that “social media addictions are affecting our success”; the truth is, “it is our lack of self awareness”. Work on that, the addiction and success will work itself out.

Hope you are having a smashing week and ensuring you are taking time out for yourselves getting to peak time of year. All my love,

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