How To Be Authentic…Even Though It’s Scary

The feeling of rejection cuts through our guts like iron fire. I believe that it has nothing to do with our worthiness though and more to do with whether we realise we are actually already worthy exactly the way we are.

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to Janne Robinson, a poet and film director from Canada, living in Costa Rica. She is a bad ass woman who isn’t afraid to share the dark with the light and she is transforming lives across the globe through her words and courage to be vulnerable. Here are our highlights..

Amber: What’s the transformation that you see happen when we share our own shit?

Janne: (laughs knowingly) We realise we are not broken, that other people battle that same things like we all watch vampire diaries in shame until someone else says it out loud….When somebody opens up….. and speaks from their hearts… it give us permission to do the same…we’re not alone.

Amber: It’s easy to say but hard to apply. So, what can you tell someone who finds it impossible to believe that worth isn’t based on their body?

Janne: the most humbling thing I have ever heard about the body being our worth is that we’re just a meat bag… Not being ourselves is never anyone else’s fault…there is always space for us if we are willing to be who we are outlaid…it’s always a choice all of it is a choice.

Amber: How did you come to the realisation that worthiness is a choice..

Janne: (giggles with truth) it’s an ongoing thing…believing we are not good enough is a belief we have to unlearn…I’ve continuously been working on that…it takes two seconds to change a belief, thinking it takes longer is just another belief.

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