There comes a time in life where we realise, maybe, just maybe I have been looking in the wrong space for self love, personal empowerment and happiness. This episode unlocks the first key to understanding truly, where to discover your power.

It lies deep within yourself, your authenticity.

Authenticity is the mother of all freedom.

Wether you call it honouring your values or being your ‘true self’ — what does that even mean?

Well, it means, do less. Say no to what’s not truly meaningful to you including saying no to people and situations that are not aligned with your core.

It means being who you are, without the need to be seen and showing up imperfect and okay with that.
The suppression of your authenticity and vulnerability, anaesthetises life.

It’s time to give up the old stories and open to acceptance of what isn’t always pretty.

To let go of validation and the need to be something to anyone.

The belief that we are not good enough exactly how we are. 
And it is what makes you the strongest motherfucker, ever.

In this episode, I’ll give you an insight into what keeps us attached to the need to be seen and consequently, what keeps us empty.

I would love to hear from you, and seriously love it. Please comment below of your experiences with showing up as yourself in the world. Was it scary? Empowering? What did you learn or even, how are you going to start doing this today?

Love, Ambz.

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