Let Go Of Your ‘Story’

There is an incredible quote that changed my life when I was young and I will never forget it.

It is from one of my favourite Pixar movies that I know off by heart, just like any other 90’s baby.

“Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers… You get it? We both have layers.”

Ring a bell?

It’s from the movie Shrek in the part where Shrek tells donkey that Ogres are “more than meets the eye”.

That reference will never get old, simply because it is so true not just for Ogres but for humans as well 😉

In this Stay Real With Amber — I explain how we are so much more than what we tell ourselves about who we are and what we can do in this lifetime.

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We have layers and layers of what I call ‘stories’. Stories cover up who we really are authentically and they provide for us a leaning post of excuses of why we don’t have the life we want.

We blame our stories — but we are the ones who created the stories in the first place when we labelled ourselves, and we are the ones who have to change them.

Stories limit your ability to thrive. Today, I am going to teach you how to drop the story and raise your standards for yourself.

“When you raise your standards for yourself, you raise the quality of your life.” Tweet this!

When we were kids we had stories like “super hero” and “princess”, we were limitless.

At some point we adopt a different story like “busy”, “old”, “ stressed”, “bread winner”, “mum”, “afraid”, “dumb”, “unattractive” and we live, breathe, talk and act according to the mental image we have created about that story.

Our words are so powerful and it’s so important to listen to everything we say both to ourselves and others because we begin to define ourselves with every layer of labels and definitions we place upon ourselves.

Our stories actually end up defining every action and thought we have and it defines our destiny. So, yeah it is important to know what yours is as you can now see.

In this episode, I will ask you some questions which will enable you to identify if there is a story you have that get’s in between where you are and where you want to go.

I also share with you the story I used to have that eventually led me to two years of adrenal fatigue.

There is also so much more to each of us than our stories portray, don’t let your layers weigh you down any longer.

It is so easy to miss our stories because they become our reality and unless you examine yourself, you’ll turn around in 50 years and ask yourself “who did I let myself become”.

At the end of this episode, please head to the comments section and share with me any stories you realise you have or have had in the past.

Enjoy your shining star!



P.S. If you want a little break from what you are doing, here are some happy shots from the event, The 5 Secrets To Lifetime Wellness I ran on the weekend. It was an absolute rock-star blast. I hope to see you for future events!

Originally published at www.amberhawken.com.

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