Mediocrity vs Magnificence

What makes a life magnificent?

Marcus Pearce knows what.

This man is a genuine, genius and down to earth walking encyclopaedia for a ‘how to live a life of magnificence’.

In this episode, we go through the 8 areas from his Exceptional Life Blueprint.

Some highlights include words shared such as:

“It’s not what you do, it’s who you are being”

“Hate only affect the hater”

He talks about his discovery of a social life being more fulfilling as far as a life of magnificence over nutrition but how nutrition creates a better quality of life overall and how he worked this out.

Right at the end we capture the meaning of telling the truth to yourself and being a humble superstar in a successful life on your way to the top.

A little more personal info about Marcus:

Marcus Pearce is the founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint and CEO of Australia’s #1 health and wellness podcast network The Wellness Couch.

A journalist by trade, Marcus has researched and interviewed hundreds of the most magnificent lives ever lived and distills his findings into an 8-step blueprint.

Marcus lives in Byron Bay with his beautiful wife Sarah, and two children, Maya, Darby and number three on the way.

You can find everything out about Marcus; his events, programs and other educational platforms here.

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