The #1 Relationship Mistake You Are Making (And How To Avoid It)

We’re officially hitting the big guns with today’s episode.

Lots of self sabotaging behaviour, anxiety about feeling ‘not good enough’ leading to the forging of that never ending toxic relationship cycle (that most of us aren’t aware of until someone points it out).

You know what I mean. The one with the person in the mirror.

I am talking about the relationship you have with yourself.

Yep, today we are going deep, but I know you will like it because we have a fair few laughs at ourselves today, after all we are human too.

How do I know you are making this mistake? Well, if you have a beating heart, you’ve probably at some point had a little self doubt, insecurity or fear of not being good enough creep in. Am I right or am I right?

Also, you probably think being vulnerable means showing the world your screwed up parts and risking complete rejection. It’s totally not that at all. It’s actually about realising you need darkness to see the light my friend.

That’s because being vulnerable means being authentic. The opposite of what society teaches us.

Society: “Be you.” You: Act authentic. Society: “NO, not like that. Shut up and follow me.” You: Quiver in fear never agin to show your true self for fear of rejection. Society: “Yeah perfect, see now you are being you.”

Which leads me to the ground breaker — conforming out of fear = self rejection.


Oh dayyyyum, I went there.

I’ve brought in an expert and dear friend of mine today, Christal Fuentes from The Ladies Coach; relationship coach extraordinaire.

She is my number one pick for back up as we tackle this pretty hard core topic together, you will love her.

If even thinking about inspecting inside your mind and looking at the relationship you have with yourself makes you feel uncomfortable and confronted, you’re not alone.

That’s because looking at ourselves and understanding our mind is not all that easy and totally undervalued in this day and age. (damn am I that old, I just said ‘day and age’..anyway).

If you’ve ever questioned the best way to be “authentic” or “find happiness” — today’s Stay Real With Amber episode is for you.

You’ll learn the super helpful strategies to “truly accept yourself” in a non-corny and practical way that works for everyone.

You’ll also learn a little more about how not being true to yourself (and your relationship with you) leads to bad habits that feel really really good, but are not so good for you.

Christal and I give you direct insight into finally putting an end to this toxic cycle.

I really hope this episode gives you as many goosebumps as it did us. They’re always a sign of great truths, so I know that a lot of people will get some powerful breakthroughs today.

Please comment directly below on any light bulb moments you had during this episode.

If you consider yourself an a “self- doubter/hater/”, let me know if this worked for you and why or why not. which of the f I’d love to hear directly from you.

As always, thank you so much for passing this on, you are the bees knees.

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