The Tough Love You Need To Transform Your Life

Business, relationships, financial KPI’s, fitness goals. They have one thing in common.

To succeed, they require work, intention and focus consistently.

So does working on yourself.

“It’s hard to change” is a comment I am getting a little tired of hearing lately.

Look I love you guys, but seriously, when I ask you what you have been doing when this comment is made all I get are excuses about how it’s too hard and you have tried. When you start with a list of that one book you read, that one meditation app you tried to listen to, that one healthy kick you attempted and gave up on — I want to pull my hair out. Stop giving up on yourselves!

There is SO much help available to us all.

There are plenty of incredible events, coaches, free online trainings, youtubes, podcasts, books and common knowledge that’s free that can get you started on to make mindset transformations now.

The truth is, if you are not changing, it’s because you are not working on it hard enough. You listen to a podcast, watch a youtube, read a blog, work through a book and then you do nothing or you dabble a little.

You don’t put the practices into place and then you ask — why is nothing happening?

You have to take ACTION and you have to do it every single day, multiple times a day.

Learn to ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘have’, and create the life you want.

You have to ask yourself “who do I want to be” and “what do I need to do” and then start making consistent changes towards that goal. Write down the answers to those questions and start thinking, acting and living like that person.

Your mind will always have excuses, always have blocks, always sabotage, but the thing is, sabotage is a choice, it’s a repeated easy path over and over again that will destroy your life.

Of course, an NLP coach such as myself is here to help you accelerate these transformations and lead you to a space in a few months that instead might take years, but it’s also true that you can begin working on yourself now.

Start hustling baby and see your world transform.

Okay so I would love to hear, have you ever realised that you were not getting where you wanted and making excuses?

How have your make change in the past, even though it’s hard?

If you know of some people not fully reaching their potential that could use a tough love boost, please don’t hesitate in sharing this baby on.

Love, Amber

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