The Unlikely Solution To Dissolving Insecurities

Do you have friends that are always posting their latest awesome night out or #healthylife ‘inspo’ on social media and you are sure they are actually hating on life at the time?

I’m taking about those obvious ‘fake happy’ status updates and photos.

We have all been there. We all know how terribly addictive the feeling of another persons approval can be.

In today’s episode I am going to share why you should not be quick to judge them (or yourself).

These moments are done in times of emotional desperation. This act is a sure sign of craving connection, love and significance. Approval (or the perception of) gives us a little ‘fix’.

I am a hater of temporary relief; anyone who knows me well understands I am passionate about educating people on the devastating impact that being addicted to short term gratification can have on your life.

Just like food, approval gives us a little escape, an emotional state change for ‘some’ time so we can forget about the real problem; living a life that you aren’t fully satisfied with andfeeling like you can do nothing about it.

Today’s episode is super short but it hits a pain point that everyone can relate to and benefit from long term.

Podcast link for iTunes so you can listen and keep going with life.

I seriously hope to hell that you stop judging and start loving those who appear over the top annoyingly happy or confident.

Most of all I hope you can make a change in your life and recognise what you need when you feel insecure.

Approval comes from within.

There is an old African proverb that say “When there is no enemy within, the enemies on the outside can do you no harm”.

I want to begin a conversation about settling for the quick fix life-style that our modern society has encouraged and is seemingly relying on to ‘feel good’.

So come on over and give me your hard and fast opinion in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


P.S If you have any friends who would benefit from seeing this episode, please share, forward all you like!

P.P.S If you feel you are living a life that you aren’t fully satisfied with and feeling like you can do nothing about it, send me an email now. I have a space available for a private

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