Simple logo that simply reads “ND CREATIVES” in dark and light purple letters with a very light orangey beige background.

To all the neurodivergent creatives out there, you are cordially and virtually invited to join a new LinkedIn group just for us!

Click here to join Neurodivergent Creatives or connect with me and I’ll send an invite.

The group is for:

Autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, dyspraxic, Tourette syndrome, PDD, and all other types of neurodivergent minds who are creating art, prose, content, design, film, theater, and other forms of creative expression.

The group intends to:

Provide a supportive place to share work, workshop an idea, get input, seek out networking contacts, and other help for your creative endeavors.

The group exists because:

The world needs to hear neurodivergent voices! Let’s help each other out. See you there.