A.I. and the postmedial age

Usually I am not the person to be scared of the future, but there is a tendency in movies and Tv shows to emphasize on the fact, that, if Nanobots are a going to be part of everyday life, the dangers are imminent and in the worst case it wouldn’t even be possible to escape this by starting to write letters again. A warning or a hardening? Called Black Goo in the X Files or Protomolecule/Phoebe Bug in the Expanse, this new step would allow freedom of any sickness and everlasting life on one hand and, if manipulated, loss of identity, free will and/or body control. Hopefully, there will be a chance to say no to this, the same as it is possible not to be online all the time and let facebook read your every thought. Due to the rising use of Glyphosates many sicknesses rise also, sich as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Auto-Immune-Diseases, but this must not drive us into overmedicating. In this case, we can still choose to eat organic food and to heal our digestive system in a natural way. On the same way, as it is not the human destiny to bow before a jealous god, we can be strong enough to not let our bodies be invaded by artificial intelligence. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against vaccinations. But Transhumanism is a joke. There is no such thing as to have control like Scarlett Johannson in “Lucy” without anyone or anything behind you pulling the strings. A.I. learns and once it has learnt, what it needs to expand, that will be our downfall.

Dolphins and Palm trees,

Amber Jam