Taking the Leap: Three things I learnt in my first week…

I have officially completed my first week as; Self-employed, Business Owner, Freelancer, Entrepreneur, or my favourite term, shamelessly stolen from a friend, Self-unemployed!

I really don’t know which of these titles, if any, I am the most comfortable with yet and that thought was the main inspiration for this post! See lesson number 3!

1 — Create a routine, or do something for you every day.

It is essential to your success and your sanity. For me, this is daily exercise. Training has always been my place of solace. When life feels a little out of control, or if I’m pushing way beyond my comfort zone. I go to my confident place and take that control back. In the gym, on a run or on my bike!

I quickly realised it was a highly likely I could use the gym to hide. After all, why wouldn’t I listen to all those very solid excuses I crafted as to why training was the best use of my time! Not the list of “right… let’s begin” tasks which are, simply put, difficult. As soon as I acknowledged this, I changed the pattern and now do an efficient, confidence boosting workout, then straight back to business with renewed focus.

Do not master the art of procrastination. In what form this may take for you, and no matter how sneaky your mind has been in justifying those excuses! I heard an amusing insight about the morning snooze routine. Many of us battle World War 3 in our minds before we are even fully conscious. The reasoning process as to why 10 more minutes in bed is the best use of time is truly genius! Get up and save that creativity and determination for something that really would make a difference to your day and life.

2 — Keep Calm.

This was an interesting thought for me, as by nature, I don’t panic! I love Marie Forleo’s quote of ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ This is so true, and by remaining calm and rational, you are more likely to see a solution than if you are in a blind panic. The lesson here was to accept that every meeting I have, each connection I make is building towards the future. Every conversation cannot result in an immediate contract, and creating future partnerships is much more valuable than a single business transaction! So, do not panic that technically, by traditional employed status I didn’t earn any money today. These contacts and conversations have the potential to be huge in the future and more important you were genuinely excited about every single meeting.

3 — Self-promotion.

There is no big name company and logo behind me for perceived protection. My knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for business and life haven’t changed and I’ve always built relationships on trust and respect. People buy from the people they work with, not the company logo behind them. The mind shift and vulnerability of promoting, “just me now”, after 18 years of traditional employment is a lesson I will have to continually work on. But, I also suspect will feel very empowering and liberating and possibly the element I will love most about being a… Business Owner.

So I finish my first week, late on Sunday night, bravely but very tentatively putting myself out there with my first blog. I could continue forever about everything else I learnt but the most important, most valuable and most reassuring element of my first week was, I LOVED IT! Despite the moments of uncertainty and having to cancel on friends, that big ball of energy and excitement in the core of my being back! This is how I know I am onto something good and I will channel all that energy into something remarkable. Afterall, Why Wouldn’t You!