The reality about Empaths

First of all, I want to begin by saying that I was inspired to write this story because there was an article here in Medium that someone wrote about empaths. They said false information that they stereotyped just because of one single video, and I feel like have to clarify the misleading information.

I’m not going to put the link to the article, and it's possible that maybe some of you read that article and know what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry about reading it; in this article, I’m not just clarifying what empaths are not, but also including some other information.


If you don’t know what an empath is, just letting you know they aren’t cats, lol.

About the misleading Information

Feel free to skip this part if it's too confusing because you haven’t read the article that the person(who I, yet again, will not reveal) posted.

First of all, I’m clarifying that Empaths are not Narcissists. What’s the difference? Well, there’s a giant hole of differences.

First of all, Narcissists aren’t empathetic. Meanwhile, Empaths are, obviously, not.

Narcissists care about themselves and value themselves above all others. Empaths, on the other hand, care more about others than themselves. Empaths are caring and they enjoy helping others.

Of course, there’s dark empaths. This video explains more about them. Also, unlike the article, I know that this video is trustworthy. The channel is by psychologists and I’ve been watching them for a long while. They even cite the evidence.

Some people might meet dark empaths and think all empaths are like this, when it isn’t true.

If you know already about empaths and are one or would like to know about the types, here’s a bonus video:

The video also clarifies since I know some are more ‘empaths’ towards animals.

The truth about Empaths

Being an empath might sound awesome to those of you who don’t know about empaths or aren’t empaths. However, empaths suffer a lot more than you think.

Sure, there are a few lucky empaths that are really healthy(mentally) and don’t suffer as much as others. However, being an empath is overly thought of as “cool”, “something people wish they could be”, “a gift”, and “something people shouldn’t complain about”.

The truth is that many people think being an empath is a curse. Those who have control may, sure, think that being an empath is a gift. Or maybe an empath may have a really big impact on a friend because of their empathy and, at that moment, may think of being an empath as a gift. However, being an empath is much more a struggle than people think.

For one thing, it's really hard when an empath is surrounded by so much negative energy that it becomes overwhelming and they just want to disappear. Sometimes, someone may be screaming and has a lot of negative energy. The empath can feel overwhelmed a lot of times, especially if the person is screaming at the empath, the empath may be feeling that those feelings of anger[from the person] are the empath’s. Then, the empath may even scream/yell back.

Not only that but sometimes knowing what someone is thinking(being an empath doesn’t mean having telepathy, by the way. Do your research if you’re still not sure and please don’t assume anything) can sometimes be…hard. Especially if one knows that they’re lying and if one trusted the person.

Honestly, I just want to end this on a note: Please don’t stereotype people. Do your research first and make sure that you don’t assume anything. Remember:

Everything has a good part of it well as the bad side of it. Make sure to recognize both.

People go through a lot…always make sure to, before leaving a bad comment, consider why the person said/posted what they did.

Thank you all for reading this, and I really hope that people stop acting like Psychologists. I, myself, am not one, but you can trust me when I say that I know about empaths and that they aren’t Narcissists. Not only have I done research on them(sometimes for tips), but I, myself, may or may not know someone who is an empath who may or may not be me.

Thank you. I wish good luck to all empaths out there and encourage you all to try to do something for yourself for once(a bit of self-love) and to take care of your mental health, whether that be by looking through the vast internet of google about tips or by looking through the vast collection of videos that trustworthy people put(like Psi2Go).

I hope you can enjoy this day/night that you are reading this article!!!



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