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I have a couple friends who are YNAB-obsessed. (YNAB is a personal finance software tool and budgeting methodology). I tried it like five years ago, and couldn’t get over the initial adoption hump — the UI was too clunky, I wasn’t willing to invest the amount of time it would have required to educate myself on the software to the point where it was useful, etc.

So I tried it again; I’m obsessed. The user experience is vastly improved, the documentation and learning resources are super robust — in short, most of what prevented me from getting into it years…

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I’ve been familiar with the “progressive web app” (PWA) concept for a while now. But there’s always been an itch in the back of my mind about it.

I’ve been to talks at conferences and meetups about the subject. I’ve read the main docs and top-level “what is a PWA” articles. I’ve read Alex Russell’s post, “Progressive Web Apps: Escaping Tabs Without Losing Our Soul” [Posted 06/15/2015], about the discussion between himself and Frances Berriman that originated the term, and Frances’ post, “Naming Progressive Web Apps” [Posted 06/26/2017], about the semantic foofaraw around the term “progressive web app” itself.


When I was a junior in high school, I went on a college visit with my mom. As soon as we got there, we could feel it wasn’t the right fit, but we resolved to do the whole tour anyway — after all, we had flown there. We rarely spent time just the two of us — much less just the two of us on a longer trip — and so I remember the experience fondly, despite the fruitless college visit.

It came time to head home, and we went to the airport. With time to kill, we strolled along…

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