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Watered Down

Religion Abused by Advertising

I read a water advertisement today that said “It doesn’t matter what’s against you when you know whats in within you.” It echoes the precious, relevant, and timeless words in Scripture that say, “greater is He that is in you, than he who is in the world”. I have heard of a watered-down gospel…but this really takes the whole bottle case. It goes on the tout some watered down Hindu philosophy about the powerful nature within. I am left saddened that the same words to fill us with hope about the Living Water, are used as a hyped up, corny advertisement for coconut water. 
Our Bible has been abused, not only now ignorant believers who want to prove their own points and bend meanings toward their own personal suiting, but by corporations who find its sacred truths a nifty way to sell water. Don’t fall for a watered down message of the world — that all you need is within yourself, and that staying true to your heart will guide you to the safest pastures. Or that buying a particular drink will make you attractive from within. 
 We live for Jesus, and are guided by the Holy Spirit that is gifted to us by faith. The life giving power of the Holy Spirit should never be articulated in the same means as a nutrition bar or drink. Don’t go after false watery gospels in glossy magazines that use sacred words and religious ideas from everywhere to make a product resonate with our deepest spiritual needs. How could the betrayal for promised fulfillment be any worse than a cheap abuse on our emotions? Besides, you are a better steward of God’s beautiful Earth if you use a glass bottle and tap anyway..